About Biotech Express

BIOTECH EXPRESS Magazine (BEM) provides latest news of Biotechnology and Allied Sciences to Global Bioscience community of Students, Researchers and Industry Professionals. BEM content include Current News, Opinions, Notices about Research, Biotechnology Applications & Products, Biotechnology Jobs, Biotechnology Industry, Biotechnology Conferences, Biotechnology Businesses, Biotechnology R&D and Biotechnology Funding available from various Departments and Centers. On special occasions we partner with top Bioevents like BRSI, BioPharma India, BioAsia Hyderabad, AIIMS SYSCON and many others. Where Google and other search engines are flooded with Zettabytes of Backpages, BEM gives best buy to its readers by providing target and required news information only.

e-ISSN: 2454 – 6968, RNI No.: UPENG/2013/54102

Who we are

Biotech Express started to work right from the basic level i.e. schools and colleges. Now our products and services are reaching to thousands of organizations and their people like Universities, Research Labs, Companies and NGOs/Societies. Our reader base includes school students to highly eminent personalities like Researchers, Industrialists, Policy makers and General public. We are building a strong network of Biotech and allied sciences professionals, so to make them communicate and share their ideas easily and effectively.

Biotech Express is a mix of Journal and magazine in both print and digital which was started in 2012 to promote Biotechnology and has become only regarded source in BioScience communication; We now as a team including reputed people from the diversified fields are making Biotechnology accessible and approachable to everyone by bringing paramount information.

Our team of  highly specialized people in their respective fields like academics, research, publication, media and marketing when pooled together makes us unique among contemporaries. We believe in honesty, integrity, trust and commitment to carry out operations within and outside company.

Our Businesses

With time Biotech Express has now become full fledged Biotech Media company operating in Print and Digital Publication. Through our publication we have diverged into News Media, Advertisement, Events and Directory listing businesses. We are now only Media company in Biosciences in India with these many services and we are working to expand our footprints globally in Biosciences destinations like USA, Europe, UK, China and other countries.

With Our services and products anyone in the field can make himself/herself comfortable to get knowledge of Biological Sciences Research; Biotechnology and Life sciences colleges, Institutes and National lab; Biotechnology Entrance exams; Biotechnology Jobs opportunities; Biotechnology latest research discussions; Biotechnology personalities; Biotechnology regulations in India and much more.

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