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Advertisements in Print Platforms of BIOTECH EXPRESS magazine like:
Cover & Other pages and Special Issues
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Advertisements through digital Platforms of BIOTECH EXPRESS magazine like:
Promotional E-copy distribution to database
Dedicated Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and EDM Ads
Website Ads on Ours and Partners’ websites.
Social Media platforms : fB, Google, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

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Our Directory has 1645 organizations in list and still updating. Recent changes includes only Top Universities, Government R&D Institutes & Labs, Companies and NGOs/Societies like Biopharma, Bioservices, Bioagri, Bioindustry, CROs/CRIs, BioInstrumentation, Bioconsumables and Bioinformatics, Instruments- Analytical, Chambers, Microscopes, Weighing scales, System Processes, Filtration, Glass Consumables, Plastic LabConsumables, Lab Reagents, Growth Media and many others

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Biotech Express partner or sponsor or actively participate in events which are Top Annual meetings in field of BioSciences including Biotechnology, BioEnergy, Genetics, BioPharma, Bioagri, Bioindustry and others. We choose these events very carefully because Our target audience includes high profile community of Top Researchers, Top CEOs and Policy makers of Academia and Industries, but we are equally inclined toward promotion of start-ups and thus We gives many effective options to prospective attendees to showcase their research or product among this high profile community. If you like to become part of any of Our partner event then please contact on the given contact information for more customized plans.

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