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About Directory Listing
We have designed a directory/listing of organizations which are working in the field of Biosciences/Life Sciences and interdisciplinary fields. These are startups, medium enterprises and big establishments indulged in academics, research, supply, manufacturing and services into major sectors like BioPharma, BioAgri, Bioresearch, Biochemicals, Bioenergy, Bioservices and others. The directory has total entries of 6305 organizations in list (5000 global companies).

The Directory list is exhaustive but not limited only to Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Industries, Start-ups, Investors, Consultants, Manufacturers, Distributors, Sellers, Equipment providers, CMOs, Regulatory, CROs but also to other many diversified companies which are directly or indirectly related to Biological Sciences.

The listing include information like Name of organization, Nature of Business, Subsidaries, Country, Location, Office phone, company E-mail.

Not equivalent to find a needle in husk- The curation part
The list has two parts; First is list of all global companies and second is list of India academic organizations. Companies list include Private Research Labs, NGOs/Societies, startups, Medium enterprises and giants which are Manufacturers and suppliers of Drugs, Instruments like- Analytical Chambers, Microscopes, Weighing scales, System Processes, Filtration, Glass Consumables, Plastic Lab Consumables, Lab Reagents, Growth Media, Bioagriculture, Bioindustry, CROs/CRIs, BioInstrumentation, Bioconsumables and Bioinformatics. Academies list is limited to India only and has organizations like Universities, Colleges and Government R&D Institutes.

The list is curated according to industry, divided into following main section and more subsection which you will find while accessing the complete list.

Global Biosciences Industry Listing
BioSciences/ Life Sciences/ Biotech Companies (Total companies- 5713)
It has the following Industry sector:
BioPharma companies
Stemcell companies
CRO CRAMS companies
Manufacturer and Distribution companies
Genomics companies
Proteomics companies
Bioinformatics companies
Enzymes companies
BioEnergy companies
BioLogistic companies
BioRemediation companies
BioAgri companies
Veterinary companies
Nutrition companies
BioInvestor companies
BioMarket research companies
BioChemical companies

Indian Academic Listing
BioScience/ Life Science/ Biotech Academia database – Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Departments and Research Institutes/Labs of Govt. of India (Total – 62); BioSciences and Allied Sciences Autonomous Institutes of India (Total- 68); BioSciences and Allied Sciences UGC recognized Universities of India (Total – 374);

3. BioScience/ Life Science/ Biotech Non-Profit Companies/Societies (Total- 88)

How to get this directory
The directory is available on Subscription at a price of 1500 US$ . We update the information on annual basis or whenever major changes occurs like Merger and acquisitions. All subscribers receive the information by e-mail as sOon as we make the changes in between.

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