Global Directory of Bio and Life Sciences Organizations

Biotech Express (earlier of Kash Biotech) has designed a directory which aspire to become Top reference source for all organizations working in field of Biosciences/Life Sciences which are either startups, medium enterprises or establishments indulged in academics, research, supply, manufacturing, services in major sectors like BioPharma, BioAgri, Bioresearch, Chemicals, Bioservices and others.

The directory has total entries of 6305 organizations in list from BioSciences Allied sectors and major Bioscience economies of Globe.

BioSciences & Life Sciences Directory

The Yellow Pages of BioScience Business

This Directory list is exhaustive but not limited only to Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Policy-makers, Industries, Start-ups, Investors, Consultants, Manufacturers, Distributors, Sellers, Equipment providers, CMOs, Regulatory, CROs Academia but also to other diversified companies.

Recent changes includes Top Universities/Colleges, Government R&D Institutes, Private Research Labs, NGOs/Societies, Major companies, startups, Medium enterprises, Companies like Manufacturers and suppliers of Drugs, Instruments- Analytical Chambers, Microscopes, Weighing scales, System Processes, Filtration, Glass Consumables, Plastic LabConsumables, Lab Reagents, Growth Media, Bioagri, Bioindustry, CROs/CRIs, BioInstrumentation, Bioconsumables and Bioinformatics.

The following list will provide you access to most concern Biosciences organizations functioning locally and Globally
by showing complete list of organizations.

1. Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Department and Labs of Govt. of India (Total – 62)

2. BioSciences and Allied Sciences Autonomous Institutes of India (Total- 68)

3. BioSciences and Allied Sciences Universities of India (Total – 374)

4. Global BioSciences and Allied Sectors’ Companies (Total- 5713)

5. Global BioSciences and Allied Sciences NGOs/Societies (Total- 88)

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